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Are you with the right (or wrong) person? StayGo™ tells you whether it’s time to commit or quit. StayGo is the most honest best friend you’ve ever had. It’s the world’s first app that combines social feedback with scientific methods to evaluate romantic relationships with stunning accuracy. You can finally make informed decisions about your love life – and decide whether to stay or go. 


A group of cutting-edge psychology professors and relationship scientists have formed a ground-breaking collaboration with a team of media experts to create an entertaining approach to evaluate your relationships using the latest advances in science and social networking.


Get your SG Score to find out what science says about your relationship’s future. 
Use your SG Tracker to track the ups and downs of your relationship to know if things are getting better… or worse.
Ask your SG Peeps to collect anonymous opinions from your friends and family about your relationship. 


StayGo saves you money, time and heartache. It reduces frustration and regret. It determines whether your doubts are justified or unfounded. It confirms if you have a good thing going. And it validates what you may already know, but won’t admit. 


If you find dating a total crapshoot, are stuck in a rut of repetitive bad relationships, or just need to confirm if you’re in the right or wrong relationship, StayGo is for you. 


Find out faster™…when you use StayGo.

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