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Gary Lewandowski TED Break up Relationship Advice
Dating, Love, and Relationships  
  • Relationships 101: Hook-up to Break-Up

  • The Sustainable Marriage/Sustainable Love

  • Why People Stay in Good (and Bad) Relationships

  • The Science of Healthy Relationships

  • The Science of Hook-ups and Heartbreak

  • Building a Better You through Your Relationship

  • The Dark Side of Relationships

  • Casting Light on the Darkness of Dissolution/Break-up

  • The “Me” Marriage and How to Make It Work 

  • Should I Stay or Should I Go? 

    • (Listen to the WAMC Academic Minute Version here)

Teaching and Professional Development
  • It All Starts with a Question: Science (and Science Teaching)  

  • What’s the Point? A New Approach to Teaching Students about Research

  • Research 2.0: A New Approach for Teaching Research Methods in Psychology 

  • Beyond Teaching, Research, and Service: The 5 Tool Faculty Member

  • Staying Whole While Teaching the Whole Student: Insights from Psychology

  • Four Keys to Avoiding Burnout while Working in Schools

  • Why Are We Meeting Like This: Keys to Having Better Meetings in Academia

  • Department Chair: An Exit Interview and Lessons Learned

Photo credit: Kalpesh Patel

Dr. Lewandowski's TED talk appears on Option B, a site dedicated to help "...people build resilience and find meaning in the face of adversity"

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