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John Gottman, PhD,
author of 
The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

"I really enjoyed reading Stronger Than You Think. It offers science-based advice on the key relationship issues that worry most of us.

It should be on every bookshelf."


Over 6 million readers...

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Over 2 million views...

TED Talk:

Break-Ups Don't Have to

Leave You Broken

"Great relationships seldom fail.

Bad ones do, as they should."


Gary W. Lewandowski Jr. is a nationally-recognized professor of psychology, award-winning teacher, accomplished speaker, and author of Stronger Than You Think: The 10 Blind Spots That Undermine Your Relationship...and How to See Past Them. 


His popular TEDx video has over 2 million viewers and his articles in mass media outlets have been enjoyed by over 6 million readers. He also writes The Psychology of Relationships column on Psychology Today (3 million+ views by itself).  

About Me


Gary Lewandowski Relationship Expert

Dr. Lewandowski has been quoted as a relationship expert in hundreds of media outlets.

Dr. Lewandowski discusses self-expansion with the Millionaire Matchmaker.


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Award-Winning Teacher and Textbook Author


Dr. Lewandowski listed as a "Top 300" professor out of 42,000 professors nationwide.

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