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Dr. Lewandowski's articles have appeared in dozens of major media outlets and have been enjoyed by over 7 million readers.


Relationships are important.

Time is short.

Get it right.

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"Couples who believed “arguing should not be tolerated” were less satisfied and more aggressive, and the female partners were more depressed."


"So is an affair really a relationship killer? Ultimately, the fate of the participants’ primary relationship depended less on the act itself and more on what motivated it."


Being someone’s BFF is a big deal – with your BFF as your romantic partner, you get the best of both worlds ...

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Flirting comes in many forms, but what's the best approach? 


Are they the one? You know… the one to introduce to your parents, the one to move in with, the one to start a family with, the one to marry?  

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The truth, however, is that breakups aren’t always as bad as we predict they will be...


Many of the keys to a satisfying, lasting bond are probably already present in your relationship.


Partners can help us learn, grow, and become better people. Does your relationship make your life richer?

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Signs You Are in the Wrong Relationships

“Will you be my Valentine?” is the wrong question. Instead, ask yourself “Should you be my Valentine?”

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Anyone in a relationship knows how easy it is for that “external” stress to find its way into their romantic relationship...


The next time you see a couple together, take a few minutes to observe how the partners interact with each other...

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Ah, the honeymoon stage—that magical time when your partner is still perfect and you are very much in love...

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