Research Assistant Application

Relationship Science Laboratory

 Monmouth University



Edison Science Building

Room 19

Atlantic Herald "Students Research Love"

Research Assistants

Erin Hughes (Lab Director)


Erin is a senior and will be in the lab until she graduates in the Spring of 2016. Her main interests of study include relationships and mental health. The current study she is working on is how self-expansion affects a person in a workplace setting. Erin hopes in the future to study aggression and mental health disorders. After earning her undergraduate degree in psychology, Erin plans on getting her PhD in either clinical or social psychology. 

Brittany D'Annunzio

Brittany is a junior and hopes to be in the lab until she graduates in the Spring of 2017. Her main interests within psychology include relationships, trauma and addiction. After earning her undergraduate degree in psychology, Brittany plans on getting her PhD in psychology.

Nicole Cappuccino


Nicole is a junior and this is her first semester in the lab and she hopes to continue until she graduates in 2017. Her main interests of study include relationships and animal behavior. After graduating with an undergraduate degree in psychology, Nicole wishes to attend graduate school and then get her Ph.D.  She is currently exploring her career options in psychology. 

Elizabeth Roderick

Liz is a sophomore and hopes to continue in the lab until her graduation in the Spring of 2018. Her main interests of study are how relationships affect the self, and social influence. She hopes to one day add to the literature concerning the formation of the self. Liz also plans to attend graduate school upon her completion of undergraduate study.

Jennifer Townsend '15

Jennifer graduated in May 2015 with her Bachelor's degree in psychology. Jennifer’s main interests of study include romantic relationships and the self, specifically topics on sex and sexuality. Currently, she is working on a study examining authenticity and its impact on sexual communication satisfaction. Jennifer plans on getting her Ph.D. in psychology with a concentration in sex studies. 

Lauren Acri '15

Lauren Acri is a graduate  of Monmouth University  with a bachelor's in Psychology. Currently, Lauren is currently working on two projects. The first investigates the impact of the self in a interpreting a partner's behavior in the context of relationship-enhancing attributions. The second project examines the role of self-expansion in friendship. Upon gaining more research experience Lauren plans on getting her Ph.D. and eventually obtaining a career in  academia. 

Lab Alumni

  • 2003 Crystal White MS, LPC Case Manager I/Intake Worker at Monmouth Medical Center

  • 2005 Robert Ackerman Ph.D. Michigan State University; Assistant Professor U-Texas Dallas

  • 2005 Lynne (Canberg) Fasanella Masters Marriage Family Therapy Drexel U, Master's Nutrition Montclair State U

  • 2005 Rebecca (Hampson) McFadden Assistant Vice President, Learning at L'Oréal USA

  • 2005 Dani Faith Sahner Law School, Boston University

  • 2006 Nikki (DiBenedetto) Bizzoco Ph.D. Political Science Rutgers University

  • 2006 Kathrine Evans-Giampapa Masters, Marriage Family Therapy Drexel University, Therapist/Supervisor at Robins' Nest Inc.

  • 2007 Samantha Harrington Masters Forensic Psychology John Jay College

  • 2007 Lauren Korcz Master’s, Sport and Exercise Psychology, Barry University

  • 2007 Natalie Nardone Ph.D., Social Psychology, Stony Brook University; Project Manager at UCSF

  • 2007 Alanna Raines Master's Columbia University

  • 2007 Tara Scarponi MBA, Management & Entrepreneurial Studies Farleigh Dickinson University

  • 2008 Leigh-Ann Javas Master's Social Work San Diego State University

  • 2008 Erin Sammon Master’s, Alcohol & Drug Abuse, Kean University

  • 2008 Fortune Shababo Master's, Psychological Counseling, Columbia University

  • 2008 Susan (St Amour) Orecchio Master's The College of New Jersey, Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs TCNJ

  • 2009 Leilani Chin Buyer at HBO

  • 2009 Jessica Stephan Master’s, School Psychology, Georgian Court University

  • 2010 Michele Petenatto Master's, Psychological Counseling, Monmouth University

  • 2010 Kaitlin Weldon Psy.D., Immaculate University, Mental health therapist at Moorestown VNA and hospice

  • 2011 Emma Higgins Psy.D., Immaculata University

  • 2011 Stephanie Kocsik Master's Oxford University; Lab Manager Stanford University

  • 2011 Gina Radice Psy.D., Xavier University

  • 2012 Jackie Abate Psy.D., University of Indianopolis

  • 2012 Miranda Bobrowski Ph.D., University of Buffalo

  • 2013 Jeff Viaud Ph.D., University of Memphis

  • 2014 Amanda Branick Protocol and Data Management Coordinator Naval Medical Center San Diego

  • 2014 Veronica Ozog Master's, Columbia University